Swim Course

The swim course will take place at the Hulbert Aquatic Center’s Olympic Trails Pools – one of the finest aquatic centers in the United States!

Ten lanes of 50-meters each will allow for a “snake swim” option getting you to a total swim distance of 500 meters! Lanes are 7 feet wide, which will allow for staggered starts of two people every 5 seconds. Your last lap will take you to the southwest center of the Hulbert Aquatic Center, and from there you will exit immediately into the Transition Area.


If you are tapped on the foot by the swimmer behind you, Triathlete Courtesy rules apply and you should slow down to let that swimmer pass you.


If you need to stop, you may do so and hold on to the lane rope for a short period of time. Please do not rest on top or lie on top of the lane rope. Lifeguards will be on duty and can assist you if you need to stop or get out. Please make your way to the end of the pool and exit, if needed.


Due to the short length and indoor swim, wetsuits are not allowed in the Tri Go Far Triathlon.

Swim Caps

All participants must wear a swim cap, which is provided to you when you pick up your packet.


Goggles are optional, but of course, highly recommended.

Additional Support

No additional support may be utilized for the swim, such as flotation devices, MP3 players, etc.